Merrill Lynch Credit Card

We just love it when we can search one of the credit card products and learn that not a single person has anything negative to say about a card. Then again, there's always someone waiting to complain and if we wait about five more minutes they may show up. One interesting thing to note though about Merrill Lynch for those who don't know is that they are owned by Bank of America. What's interesting to note about this is that Bank of America has a kind of reputation for putting out rewards cards that don't really have much of a reward in comparison to all other banks. That being said, when you take a look at the information about the rewards of the Merrill Lynch Credit Card you will see that they really have almost no rewards at all.

Maybe saying that they have almost no rewards is a little harsh. Perhaps we should just say that they don't have what most people are expecting to see when they hear of a card like the Merrill Lynch Credit Card that is supposed to have rewards. In saying that, maybe we see why nobody is complaining on the Merrill Lynch Credit Card. Perhaps people have already come to expect that they will not put much into their cards so they don't check for Merrill Lynch products anymore like they used to. That would actually make a lot of sense and would explain a lot about what type of customers are actually looking for the Merrill Lynch Credit Card.


The Merrill Lynch Credit Card is a lot like other products offered by its owner Bank of America. People who are looking for their card products are likely to be really conservative spenders and people who don't intend to see tons of information about so many rewards promotions and things to keep up with in their mailboxes. This is likely why the only way to get points is to gain one point for every dollar that is spent using your Merrill Lynch Credit Card. Honestly, that is quite boring, but if you don't have that much of a need for points anyway and you love Merrill Lynch (for some reason), this card will still be great for you.

Other than the one point per dollar reward, you get all the other very standard rewards such as fraud protection, concierge, and reimbursement if your trip gets interrupted or cancelled. The Merrill Lynch Credit Card is really more for those who just want a card that is very simple and easy to understand. This is understandable because most other real rewards cards can get very complex and you may or may not be able to keep up with their rewards and point plans. If you are one of the people who have always loved and supported Merrill Lynch and Bank of America products, we will totally understand why you may be interested in the Merrill Lynch Credit Card. Just make sure to always really read your terms and conditions before applying. That way, you will not have to be the first person to write a negative review on the Merrill Lynch Credit Card.